Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday on Sunday!

Hello, and Happy Sappy Saturday on Sunday!

I spent all day Saturday here...

At the Fall Fuel Fest. 

It was pretty fun...not the most amazing event ever, but the company definitely made up for that.

Thank you to N8dogg for taking me, and a big thank you to Buffalo and Shaylie Ann for letting us tag along.

It was worth waking up (after only 3 1/2 hours of sleep) for. :o) 

Happy Sunday!

*Quick Update*

Some of the Nitro Circus peeps are staying at the Ramada tonight, and this is what I learned at 4:00 AM:

Nitro Circus Rules to Live By:

Rule #1: Always buy good tires

Rule #2: Don't be a Biotch!

Rule #3: Don't make too many rules

There are also scattered rules:

Rule #18: Always have a swim suit with you

Rule #24: Don't ever date a girl who wears combat boots

Rule #51: 18 to 51 ONLY!
(The reason behind this one is not appropriate for the blog)


So, there you have it!

Have a Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday!

Congratulations are in order! 

Yesterday, N8dogg graduated from Southwest Applied Technology College as a Professional Truck Driver!


I am so proud of him, and can't wait to start this new phase of our life. :o) 

Congratulations N8dogg! 

I love you! 

 Happy Sappy Saturday! 
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday!

Hello, and Happy Sappy Saturday! 

Have you ever been to Yogurtland

It's pretty amazing. 

My friend Becky and I went there the other night, and I was pretty impressed. 

It was so good! 

I loved it so much that even kept the spoon...

Which is biodegradable. 

Seriously, how awesome is that! :o) 

Happy Sappy Saturday! 

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