Friday, March 23, 2012

Up all night...

Packing that is!

I know, I am such a procrastinator. 

Anyway,  we're off!


I feel like we are forgetting something...but I also feel like it's nothing I guess thats a good thing?

Anyway, I am officially off the grid till next Saturday.


I just realized that's a long time...

and I am looking forward to every second. :o)

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crunch Time!

Ok, everyone who is going on a cruise at the end of the week say "I".


Ok, now everyone who is packed and ready to go on a cruise at the end of the week say "I". it's kind of crunch time at my house right now. So far the only things I have packed are a swim suit and a sundress, and even though I am hoping to live in that ensemble all week, I don't think it's going to cut it.

Anyway, it's crunch time! Not only do I still need to pack, but I also need to finish my Stitch Swap project and get it sent off, clean my house or at least make it presentable, take my cats to my Mother-in-law's house, (I know, crazy cat people and such, yada yada yada), and about a ton of other little things that seem really trivial, but if not done could result in massive issues.

Like not bringing enough sun block! See, trivial to some, but life threatening to N8dogg and I!

Wow, that was really dramatic...

But in crunch time I think drama is totally permitted. What do you think?

Anyway, I just wanted to check in (even if it was just to babble) since I will be off the grid for over a week starting Friday!


So, wish me luck and we'll talk before I leave.

Happy Wednesday!
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday!

The soccer ball is a regular sized beach ball.

This is so random, but I found this last night in the back office. 

It made me smile, because seriously, who accidentally leaves that monstrosity of a beach ball behind.

Happy Sappy Saturday! 

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh what a life...but on the bright side...

Yep, you guessed it.

Life happened, and happened hard.

Seriously, I have felt so overwhelmed lately that my frustrations are almost comical.

Like how I had my first weekend off in...Oh I don't know,

...and got absolutely nothing accomplished.

Or how I called in sick on Monday because I wasn't feeling good, and then didn't even get 45 minutes into my workday on Tuesday and had to go home because I was really sick...can you say 
Or how on Thursday morning I simultaneously ran out of contact cleaner, deodorant, cover-up, mascara, and hairspray all while trying to get ready for work. 

Or how my laundry is piled so high that I caught one of my cats sleeping in it yesterday.

Oh, and let's not forget that this morning one of the many, many hair elastics that hold my colossal bun in place snapped while I was driving to work.

 Ok, now that one was beyond

but still!

Seriously, my life has been a train wreck lately, but thankfully it hasn't been all bad.

On the

I got to spend some time with

this week while I was home sick.

I got my kitchen organized/spring cleaned the other day.

N8dogg and I got to welcome a new little 

into our lives.
(We love you Caleb!) 

Oh, and did I mention that I am leaving on a jet plane next 

Then jumping on a cruise ship for a week!

I mean, seriously, it doesn't get much

 than that!

So, even though I have been MIA all this week...

and most of last week...

and will probably be for the majority of the next 2 WEEKS...

I am STILL here...just trying to look on the bright side. :o)

So, Happy Friday!

(Oh man, it feels good to say that!)
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday!

Oh how I just love a cute pair of shoes. 

I mean seriously, red and leopard print, it doesn't get much better than that. :o) 

Happy Sappy Saturday! 

Happy Sappy Saturday!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yep, still here...just working

Hello, and Happy Thursday! 

Wow! I can't believe it's already Thursday! 

Seriously, where did this week go?!

Anyway, I wish I had something fun to show you today, but I don't. :o( 

See, I have been working on a TON of stuff, but nothing is ready yet.

 So, today I thought I would just pop in and give you an update on what I have been working on. 


Well let's see, I have been working on another Just Be for the month of March.

 My project for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap.

Preparing for our Cruise (in less than 3 weeks!), and some much needed Spring Cleaning.

Oh, and I can't forget this never ending work in progress.

Plus a whole a lot of other things that are in bits and pieces all over my craft room. :o) 

Hopefully, all of these things will start coming together, and I will have something to show you soon.

Until then, Happy Thursday! 

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday!

Yesterday I got some Happy Mail from my friend Tracy. :o)

She got it from, and I LOVE it!

It may just look like a simple ring, but it symbolizes so much.

Thanks Trac!

Love Yak! ;o)

Happy Sappy Saturday!


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I'm Working On...

...or was working on until I unraveled it all for about the third time.

Don't worry, I didn't get very far to begin with. :o) 

Do you crochet, or knit? 

I am kind of a beginner crocheter.

Well, actually that's a lie. 

I have been taught to crochet several times, but just have never been able to pick it up. 

So, I guess I am more of a slow learner. :o) 

Anyway, next week I hope to have more than just piles of yarn to show you. :o) 

Wish me luck with that! 

Happy Thursday!  


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