Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh what a life...but on the bright side...

Yep, you guessed it.

Life happened, and happened hard.

Seriously, I have felt so overwhelmed lately that my frustrations are almost comical.

Like how I had my first weekend off in...Oh I don't know,

...and got absolutely nothing accomplished.

Or how I called in sick on Monday because I wasn't feeling good, and then didn't even get 45 minutes into my workday on Tuesday and had to go home because I was really sick...can you say 
Or how on Thursday morning I simultaneously ran out of contact cleaner, deodorant, cover-up, mascara, and hairspray all while trying to get ready for work. 

Or how my laundry is piled so high that I caught one of my cats sleeping in it yesterday.

Oh, and let's not forget that this morning one of the many, many hair elastics that hold my colossal bun in place snapped while I was driving to work.

 Ok, now that one was beyond

but still!

Seriously, my life has been a train wreck lately, but thankfully it hasn't been all bad.

On the

I got to spend some time with

this week while I was home sick.

I got my kitchen organized/spring cleaned the other day.

N8dogg and I got to welcome a new little 

into our lives.
(We love you Caleb!) 

Oh, and did I mention that I am leaving on a jet plane next 

Then jumping on a cruise ship for a week!

I mean, seriously, it doesn't get much

 than that!

So, even though I have been MIA all this week...

and most of last week...

and will probably be for the majority of the next 2 WEEKS...

I am STILL here...just trying to look on the bright side. :o)

So, Happy Friday!

(Oh man, it feels good to say that!)
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Tracy Lu said...

Oh Kami. When will we ever learn to stop buying all of our beauty products at the same time so they stop running out at the same time?? Seriously!