Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy (almost) October!

Ahhh October, my favorite month of the year, how I have missed you! 

October and I have a special bond, and I get excited just thinking about it. It’s kind of like Christmas for me, and I honestly don’t know why. I have no clue what it is about October that makes me so twitterpated, but I love it!

-->My favorite thing of all is most definitely the smell of October. Yes, you read it right; I love the smell of October! N8dogg thinks I am crazy (and you might too), but I am one of those people that associates memories with smell, and October is by far my favorite smell in the entire world.  

And what may you ask does October smell like? Well, just imagine the most wonderful smell in the entire world and then quadruple it, and that’s pretty much what October smell like to me. Ahhh…I am beyond content right now.  

-->OK, well anyway the whole point of this post was to tell you about another one of my favorite parts of October... 

 Halloween is right up there with Christmas on my list of favorite holidays, and I love everything about it, but most of all I love decorating for it. Now, I should mention that I like cutesy Halloween stuff and not the scare the tar out of you Halloween stuff. All the glitter, none of the gore.  Ok, so now that I have said that I wanted to share some of my Halloween décor with you (yes, my house is already decorated for Halloween, and has been for quite a while). 

So, I had an idea a while back about making a candy corn wreath. Perfect for Halloween, right!  I knew that I wanted to use Styrofoam cones for the candy corn, and arrange them all wreath like and such, but when I went to pick up my supplies I kind of freaked at the price of Styrofoam…

Seriously, it would have cost me over $30 just to make one simple wreath, so the Styrofoam cones were a no go, and I was pretty bummed. Then, as I was wondering around the Dollar Tree I found an alternative…  

Yep, those are Styrofoam cups painted to look like candy corn. 

In hindsight I should have definitely painted the inside of the cups...and maybe added a few more to make it lay a little flatter...and maybe found out how to tie a better bow...but overall I think it looks pretty cute hanging in my hallway. 

I think I need another one for my front door so a tutorial (even though it is pretty self explanatory) might be in the works.

Well, there you have it!  A kitschy cute candy corn wreath just in time for Halloween!

Have a Happy Weekend!

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