Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Pathetic Excuse for a Blog!

I had good intentions. I really did.

See, I have blog envy. (Not a real medical condition, but I am thinking of submitting it). I read a couple of amazing blogs each day, and idolize them and their creators. I know their real lives aren't perfect, but their blogs are wonderful.

So, naturally I wanted to create a blog filled with gorgeous pictures and advanced tutorials too. *Sigh*, but sadly that never happened.

I have a computer filled with pictures (none of which are gorgeous), and a head full of projects (none of which are advanced) that have just never made it out.

I seem to have an all, or nothing mentality. It either has to be completely perfect, or not at all. This past year I was either too busy, or thought that a post was too simple and not blog worthy.


My goal in 2011 is to simplify! I am going to simplify my life, and my blog is going to get a face lift. I may not be worthy of blog envy, but it will hopefully no longer be a pathetic excuse for a blog either. :)

So, wish me luck, and hopefully I will post again soon!
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