Monday, December 12, 2011

I have you ever had one of those days…

You know, one of those days were nothing turns out quite like you want it too. 

 Well, I had one of those weekends.

Yep, everything I planned on doing basically just never happened. 

The Christmas shopping I was supposed to finish…Nope.

The presents I was supposed to wrap…Nope.

The projects I have been trying to get done FOREVER…Nope

The house that I was supposed to clean…Yep, another Nope.

The Blog I was supposed to update…Again, another big fat NOPE

I am not sure what my problem was this weekend? 
Everything I tried to complete turned out…well wrong. 
I finally just decided to give up on everything and watch Netflix all weekend, which would have been fine, except now it’s Monday and I have a lot MORE to do this week…


Hopefully, I will be back soon with fun and exciting posts about some fun holiday things I have been trying to get done…hopefully. :o) 

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