Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Love a Good Wreath!

Wreaths are just one of those things that I can browse on Etsy and Pintrest forever.

You know, one of those things that you get easily distracted by, and that can quickly fill up your to-do list.

Well, this year I decided to pick the wreath on the top of my to-do list and actually get it done.
I first saw it HERE and instantly fell in LOVE!

I started with a Styrofoam Wreath from Michael's. I purchased it with a 40% off coupon because this stuff can be expensive, which is probably the number one reason I don’t make as many wreaths as I would like.

However, check out this AWESOME idea from Delia Creates.
Awesome, huh.
Ok, so back to my current wreath. I cut out a circle of felt and hot glued it to the back of the wreath since this kind of Styrofoam tends to shed.

Then, I assembled my ornaments 
(or ornament like objects).

This wreath took more ornaments than I had originally thought it would. I was hoping to divide everything I bought into two separate projects, but I used almost everything in the picture just on the wreath. So, it’s probably good to buy more than you think you will need before you start gluing.
(Oh, and you will need plenty of that too). 

All the Balls were purchased at the Dollar Store. So, not only were they really cheap, but they were also made of plastic, which meant I didn’t have to worry about breaking any.

The Jingle Bells were on clearance at Tai Pan a few weeks ago, but I also saw some at the Dollar Store when I bought the Balls.


 These cute little Pom Pom Balls, believe it or not, cost me more than the Balls and Bells combined. However, I only used about half of the container, which worked out perfectly since I have another project for them in the works.


Next, it’s time to start gluing. Yay!

I started with the biggest ornaments first.


I took the little tops (I don’t know what else to call them) off of the ornaments before putting hot glue on them. Then, since my wreath was Styrofoam I was able to push the end of the ornament right into the wreath for extra stability.

 Then, I just started adding…

And adding...

And adding...

And Adding...

Until it was completely full.

As you can see I still have little bits of white Styrofoam sticking out here and there, but I am okay with that. :o)

If you wanted to you could continue adding layers until every square inch was covered. I just ran out of supplies…and time…and energy… :o)

So, there you have it! A cute wreath that I can cross off the to-do list!

Happy Monday!

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vmaureen said...

Good job, Kami! Very creative, and so nice of you to share your secrets. Not at all surprised at the wonderful result :).

Kami Alldredge said...

Thanks Maureen! It's still a work in progress, but hopefully I will be able to share more soon. :o)

I Heart Salt Lake said...

Such a fun wreath!

Kami@KamiandN8dogg said...

Thank you! :o)