Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Fall Scarf...In Plum!

Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend?

I worked, and it got a little crazy...

So, let's just say I am happy that it's over. :o)

Anyway, why I was at work this weekend I got out my crochet hook, and did a little scarf making.

I made this for my friend for her Birthday, and really like how it turned out.
Oooh, and I LOVE the color!

I think I might be slightly obsessed with the color PLUM. :o)

Anyway, like I said I really liked how it turned out.

It is super warm, and really comfortable, which will be perfect for both Fall and Winter.

If it still wasn't 80 degrees where I live I would wear mine (yes, I have several) every day.

OH, and it was really simple to make too.

Which is always a plus in my book. :o)

If I find a surplus of time (BAHAHA) I might even get around to making a tutorial, but we will see. :o)

Happy Tuesday! 

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1 comment:

vmaureen said...

Nice! And love the pics of you too :)