Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Distressed Subway Art!

Well, Hello!

I know, it's been FOREVER!

I am going to spare you the details of my "Oh, So Crazy Life", and just say that I am happy to be here today. :o)

Anyway, since it's getting closer to Halloween I thought I better start getting some of my Halloween projects done, and this was first on the list.

Halloween Distressed Subway Art!

Remember my Weekend Memories with Subway Art...

Where I used Delia's Distressed Canvas Tutorial to make some distressed Subway Art.

Well, after that I became slightly obsessed with making them, and decided that I need a Halloween version. :o)

I found this Super Cute Free Subway Art Printable over at That's What Che Said...

Gathered my supplies, and got to work.

I started with an 8x10 canvas...

And some Golden Regular Gel.

Since this stuff can be kind of tricky see Delia's Complete Tutorial before using it. :o)

Next, I printed off my Subway Art.

Make sure to print your image in reverse if you are going to be transferring it to anything. I have made that mistake one too many times.

Oh, and again read Delia's Tutorial all the way through for tips on printing your images because this will only work with images printed with Toner.

Ok, so once you have everything all together you can start transferring.

I started by painting an even layer of the Gel onto my canvas.

Then, once it was coated I took my printable and sprayed it with a little water.

Next, I put it face down onto my canvas, and smoothed out all the bubbles.

Now, it's time to wait.

I usually just let it dry overnight, and make sure it is completely dry before working on it the next day.

Once it is completely dry I spray some water over it, and start to slowly rub off the paper.

You will want to do this process two or three times depending on how much paper comes off each time.

This was after the second time...

And this was after the third.

Some of the image may come off in more areas than others depending on how evenly your Gel was painted on.

I liked mine really distressed, but if you don't just make sure your Gel is painted on REALLY evenly. :o)

Ok, so once most of your paper is rubbed off you just finish it with another coat of Gel or Mod Podge.

However, I went one step further, and gave it a coat of Glitter Glue. :o)


I really liked how it turned out.

What do you think?

Happy Wednesday! 

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