Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Commitment Issues and BATS!

-->Our house has officially been invaded by BATS!

OK, so not the creepy gross kind of bats, but cute glittery foam bats instead. 

-->You see, I have commitment issues when it comes to hanging stuff on our walls. I want to hang up cute fun stuff, but just can never seem to get around the whole having to put a hole in the wall thing to do it.  

-->However, yesterday I was in Michael’s and saw these glittery black and purple foam bats on sale for $3.99 and it hit me, foam! Foam would be perfect to hang up on my walls because no holes, nails, screws, or commitment needed. Yay!  

-->Now, what was I going to use to hang them up? I thought about using double stick tape, but the bats seemed a little too heavy for it and I wasn’t sure if it would stick to my walls very well. -->So, while I was on my lunch hour I wandered around JoAnn’s trying to find something that would work when I found these…

See, REMOVABLE. No commitment needed!

Yep, Removable ZOTS! How awesome is that!

I just applied 3 ZOTS to the back of each bat and stuck them up on the walls, and that was it!

The orange lights on the banister give them that awesome glow!

Now just add a few more Halloween things...

Like some Spooky Spiders...

And some Trick or Treating Ghosts...

And you're all set!

Happy Friday!
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Mandi@MandiBeingCrafty said...

I love your Halloween decor! I really like the lights running up the stairs! Thanks for sharing!

Kami Alldredge said...

Thanks Mandi!

vmaureen said...

Holy Batsignal, Batman! lol