Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Do you like my so called costume?

I decided to try a few new tutorials
(well, new to me),
and it just...kind of...fell together. :o)

I did a little freezer paper stenciling...

Tutorial found HERE at MADE.

Made some arm warmers from a pair of socks...

Tutorial found HERE at I AM MOMMA HEAR ME ROAR.

And a super cute, super easy, Big Bow...

Which I decided to make my own tutorial for.


1. I cut a piece of felt in to a 9" X 8" rectangle, but you could use any dimensions you would like.

2. I folded the rectangle in half.

3. Then I sewed around the border, and through all the corners, leaving a small opening in the front.

4. I clipped the corners.

5. Then turned it right side out, and put a little hot glue on the opening.

6. I pinched the center until I got the look I wanted.

7. Then wrapped a scrap of felt around the middle, and hot glued it together.

8. For the final step I added an elastic band on the back, but you could easily add a clip or pin if you wanted.

And there you have it! A super simple, super cute, Big Bow!

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Oh, and if you are looking for the perfect treat for tonight, try making some of these...

Cute, Huh! And they were really simple. I found them HERE at FAKE GINGER.

Have a Happy Halloween! 

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