Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything.

When in comes to crafting I don’t really have an area of expertise. I mean, there are some craft projects that turn out better than others, but nothing that I can claim as my "signature" thing.

I view this as both good and bad. The bad part of course is that I don’t have a “signature”, and that I desperately envy those who do. The good part being that not having a “signature” gives me free rein of the craft world.

That being said here are a few of my latest experiments… 

I first saw them HERE, and could never shake the idea from my head. I put off buying the PATTERN for months because I kept second guessing myself about whether or not I would actually be able to create something with that much detail. 

I finally broke down and bought the PATTERN. (Which, by the way is Amazing, and was created by one of my favorite bloggers, Katy from No Big DILL). Now, I will admit that my first few attempts at beading were HUGE flops, but with each attempt I got better and better, and finally I created a few that I could actually wear. 

Which definitely falls under the good category. :o) 

Thanks for listening, and look out for more of my random craft projects coming soon.
Happy Friday!   

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