Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School with some Flair!

Hello, and Happy Wednesday!

How was your weekend?

Mine was Fantastic!

N8dogg and I got a visit from some of our favorite guests, and we partied all weekend long.

So, do you think I managed to take any pictures of all the Awesomeness we had?

Nope, not a one!

Anyway, right now I am working on something to make up for that, but since it's not quite done I thought I would show you the cute back to school handouts I made for all the Nieces and Nephews...well, at least all the Nieces and Nephews that are starting school. :o)

Real quick though, for this to make sense I need to share a Random Fun Fact. 

Random Fun Fact: I LOVE Flair. 
What is Flair you ask?

Well, "Flair" defined by the Urban Dictionary is a general term used to describe round buttons of various sizes pinned to one's shirts and used to express one's self.

So, when I saw these the other day at Michael's...

I knew they would be perfect for some back to school Flair. :o)

I used PicMonkey to make this little handout.

Then just added a little Flair. :o)


What do you think?

I think they are pretty let's just hope the kids think so too. :o)

Happy First Day of School Guys and Gals! 

Love Ya! 

Oh, and Happy Wednesday to you all! 

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