Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It was EPIC! (Part 2)

Are you ready for more?

Here's the play by play for Saturday, July 21, 2012.

11:00 AM - We hit the beach in our brand new tent! (BEST IDEA EVER!)

11:30 AM - We took the traditional "At the Beach Photo".

 12:00 PM - Time to break out the snacks. All of which are essential beach foods. :o)

1:00 PM - Just realized how wonderful this is.

2:00 PM - LUNCH! (Again, more essential beach foods).

3:00 PM - Realized we were being watched.

4:00 PM - Bought some local Beach Wear. 

5:00 PM - If you give a Seagull a Cheeto...

5:02 PM - He will tell his friends!

6:00 PM - We headed to Ruby's...

For the traditional Hot Chocolate.

7:00 PM -  We took the traditional "On the Pier Picture".

10:00 PM - Dinner at BJ's. I highly recommend the Avocado Egg Rolls!

12:00 AM - We passed out! Completely exhausted from a fabulous day! :o)

Did you make it this far? 

If so, then Yay! 

I will be back tomorrow with more, so get ready! :o) 

Happy Wednesday! 

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