Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Be More...Organized!

So...ya...I kind of skipped my "Just Be More" post for the month of March...

However, I was still working on March's goal...I was just unsuccessful at accomplishing it. :o) 

You see, I wanted to make the month of March about Organization to make sure I had everything under control before I left on my cruise....(yeah right).

My plan was to get my Spring cleaning done, make the perfect packing checklist, use it to pack a week in advance, and then leave for my cruise with a spotless house and the self satisfaction of knowing that I was in control.

Well, that never happened.

Instead "Life" happened, and honestly I was surprised?

You would think by now that I would learn to go with the flow, and accept what "Life" throws at me.

Nope, every time there was a kink in my plan it would throw me even more off track.


One day I will learn...possibly an idea for another "Just Be More" post...

Anyway, back to March's goal: Just Be More...

In general I am a pretty organized person. However, there are some areas of my life where I struggle with organization more than others. The biggest one being my home.

The problem is that I just have too much stuff!

Stuff that is useless to me, but that I have been hauling around for the past 8 years just because.

Well, I have finally reached the point where it's just too much. So, my goal this Spring is to do some serious Spring Cleaning and Organization.

Starting with some massive decluttering! (Don't mind the pep talk, I tend to get like this sometimes).

My plan is to go room to room decluttering and cleaning. At first I printed off a ton of different Spring Cleaning Checklists, but never could find one that met my needs.

So, instead I am doing it Hoarder's style. :o)

I start with 4 piles: Keep, Donate, Repurpose, and Throw OUT, and then I just start tossing stuff into the correct pile.

It's a pretty simple system that has already done wonders! I finished my Master Closet last night, and it looks 100% better. I had a full bag of clothes for donation, a bag of gross clothes that just needed to be thrown away, and another full bag of knit shirts for a project I am working on.

Now, I just have to continue using this system throughout my entire house until every room has been conquered.

So, wish me luck, and look out for some progress pictures coming soon. :o)

Thanks for listening to me ramble.
Happy Tuesday! 


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