Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo Bomb: Our Cruise!

Hello, and Happy Wednesday!

How was your Easter? 

Mine started off a little rocky, but ended up being an Amazing Day! 

It was also Doug Beeson Day on Sunday...but we'll talk more about that later.

Anyway, I have been trying to post these pictures all week, but like most things lately it just never happened.

So, I thought I would end Wednesday with a photo bomb! :o)

Ok, so let me give you a quick run down of events.

We left early on Friday morning, and headed to Florida. 

And even though we didn't spend a lot of time there, we did manage to find N8dogg some Cuban Coffee. :o)

Then on Saturday we boarded the Eurodam and headed out to sea.

Saturday and Sunday were "At Sea" days, so we just lounged around and enjoyed the ship.

Then on Monday I woke up here:

 N8dogg and I got off the ship and headed here:

We grabbed some drinks, and found a nice spot to camp out on the beach.

*Sigh* was wonderful.

The water was so clear, and amazingly warm.

It was fantastic!

We ended our day with another drink at the pool in Margaritaville, and then headed back to the ship.

On Tuesday we didn't port in Puerto Rico until 1:00 in the afternoon, so I thought I would sleep in for a bit...


N8dogg woke me up at 6:00 AM for this:

And it was gorgeous!

Totally worth being woke up! :o)

Anyway, since we didn't port till 1:00 we got to watch the ship pull into Puerto Rico.

The view was amazing! 

And the parking was pretty cool too. :o) 

Once we were docked N8dogg and I headed off for our tour of the Bacardi Distillery.

We had a hilarious bus driver, and the tour was really cool.

 We even got a couple of drinks out of it. :o)

After the Bacardi Distillery we headed to the Fort in Old San Juan.

It was amazing! 

I was so awestruck that my picture taking definitely suffered.

These just don't do it justice.

So, after we got done at the fort our bus driver gave us the option of going back to the port or going to Old San Juan (which is only like 2 blocks from the port).

We chose Old San Juan. :o)

Mainly because I had been dying to see these old blue cobble stones.

It was beautiful.

We even had time to grab a couple of Cappuccinos. :o)

Ok, so N8dogg's might have been an Espresso, but still.

After our Cappuccinos we headed back to the ship, and said goodbye to Puerto Rico.

On Wednesday we woke up in St. Thomas, and met my family for a ferry ride over to St. Johns.

Oh, and these ugly things were everywhere!


 Seriously, I must have counted 20 of them along the shore line.

Anyway, the ferry ride was about an hour long, and our little captain was pretty funny. 

He made sure to point out where all the famous people lived. :o) 

Once we got to St. Johns we only had a couple of hours, so we did a little shopping. 

Of course N8dogg found the only cat on the entire island to hang out with while we browsed the shops. 

We passed a shop selling coconuts, so I had to be a total tourist and buy one.

The water in it was pretty nasty...which explains why they asked if I wanted one with rum in it. :o)

However, we did have a nice conversation with the guy who cut the coconut open.

He asked us where we were from, and when we told him Utah (which got various reactions throughout our trip), he asked us what Karl Malone was up to these days. :o)

N8dogg opted for the rum without the coconut.  

 Anyway, after our drinks we got back on the ferry and headed back to St. Thomas.

Thursday was another "At Sea" day, so we just did some more lounging around. :o)

Then on Friday I woke up in Half Moon Cay.

It was gorgeous!

N8dogg and I rented a "clam shell", and set up camp.

We did a little wadding...

And N8dogg did a little swimming. :o) 

Chet and Holly rented a paddle boat, so I tried to get a few pictures of them.

I got a few, but I also got this:

Life Stylist Ross was the fitness guru on the ship, and this was some random girl who was trying to flirt with him.

N8dogg and I got quite a kick out of their conversation. :o)

We ended the day with a BBQ, and then headed back to the ship.

The next morning I woke up back in Florida, and after a very long day of travel (not to mention the scariest plane ride of my life) we finally arrived back home.

I hope you enjoyed my photo bomb! :o)

Happy Wednesday!   

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vmaureen said...

Wow, looks fabulous. (Those were iguanas, by the way.) Thanks for sharing :)

Kami@KamiandN8dogg said...

Oh yes, it was beyond fabulous! We had such a great time.

Oh, and you are correct about the iguanas...I just felt they were to ugly to label. Lol!