Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Banded Tunic...For Me!

So, this Summer I really want to try and make some clothes for myself.

So far...I have a skirt...and now a tunic! :o) 

I started with 2 yards of blue knit fabric from fabric.com that I bought on clearance for about $2.00 a yard. 

I folded it into fourths, and then waited for my helper to leave. :o) 

After BB left, I took one of my shirts, folded in half, and laid it on the right hand corner of my fabric. 

Then, I cut around the outline of my shirt cutting all the way down to the end of the fabric. 

I removed my shirt, and then cut the neckline. 

In hindsight I wish I had cut the neckline a little smaller, because after it was hemmed it was a little wide. 

Anyway, after I got it cut out I hemmed the neckline and the sleeves, and then sewed up the sides. 

Then, I determined how long I wanted my tunic, and cut off the bottom band. 

Next, I measured the band around my waist, and cut off the excess. 

I took the bottom piece, sewed up the side, folded it over into a band, and pressed it down. 

Then, I sewed the band onto the tunic just like an elastic... 

And that's it! 


All in all I am pretty happy with how it turned out. 

It fits just like I wanted it to...except for the neckline...and if anything it's definitely comfy. :o) 

2 pieces of clothing down...hopefully more to come! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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Carolyn said...

Hi there! Visiting from the Uncommon link party. Great job! And I like the neckline.

Kami@KamiandN8dogg said...

Thanks Carolyn! And thank you for visiting. Come back any time! :o)

vmaureen said...

Nice tunic for the beach ;)