Monday, June 18, 2012

Ruffled Power Shot Camera Strap

Hello, and Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

Mine was very productive, which made it Awesome! :o)

Want to see something that I have been working on?

It's my very own camera strap!


Ok, let me explain. When it comes to cameras I use a little (pink) Canon Power Shot, and for the most part it works great.

However, when I am taking photos for my blog or at family events I tend to set my camera down...and then never pick it back up.

I have a wrist strap, but it's just not that awesome...

So, I decided that I needed a cute camera strap, like the ones you see for DSLR cameras, to hang around my neck.

However, I could never really find anything like that for Power Shot like cameras. I found a ton of cute camera straps and strap covers for DSLR cameras, but nothing for Point and Shoot cameras.

So, I decided to make my own, and share it with all of you!


Oh, since I kind of had to make this up as I went along,  it's a little rough around the edges just so you know. :o)

I started by cutting a strip of fabric 8" wide  x 36" long.

Then, I cut another strip of fabric 8" wide x 36" long in a contrasting color.

Note: The strip of contrasting fabric doesn't need to be a 36" long, but because I wasn't really sure how much I needed or how long I wanted my strap to be I cut it long just to be safe. :o)

Next, I cut the strip of contrasting fabric in half so I had 2 strips of fabric that were 4" wide x 36" long.

Once everything was cut I took my 8" x 36" piece of fabric, and pressed it down the center with right sides facing. 

Then, I sewed up the raw edge, and turned it right side out.

Next, I pressed the strip with the seam down the center. 

Then, using the center seam as a guide, I used my sewing machine to ruffle the strip.

Not sure how to make a ruffle? Check out these Tutorials over at See Kate Sew. :o)

Once my ruffle was done I set it aside, and stared working with the strips of contrasting fabric.

Just like with the 8" x 36" strip:

I pressed right sides together.

Sewed up the raw edges.

Turned it right side out.

And then pressed the seam down the center. 

Next, it's time to pin! 

I pressed down my ruffle, and then pinned one of the contrasting strips down the center with the seams facing together. 

Then, I flipped everything over, and did the same thing to the other side. 

Before I started to sew I made sure that both sides matched up.

Then, I topped stitched down both sides unpinning as I went.

Once everything was sewn together I trimmed up the ends and set it aside.

Then, I took my wrist strap, and cut it in half.

If your camera doesn't come with a wrist strap, no worries. Just use any camera/cell phone/ lanyard that fits your camera. I found These on Amazon for pretty cheap. 

Oh, and I like the ones with the little detachable hook. That way you can make several camera straps, and then just clip your camera into the one you want. :o) 

Anyway, next I placed the end of my wrist strap into the end of my camera strap. 

In hindsight I wish I would have trimmed the wrist strap down a bit. My finished strap is a little long, so the next one I make with most likely be a little shorter. 

Once the wrist strap was securely tucked in I folded down the edge of my camera strap, and pressed. 

Next, I folded it over one more time, and pressed again.

Then, I sewed horizontally across the folded area. (I actually sewed it twice for more strength). 

Finally, I repeated the last couple of steps on the other side, and that was it! 


Now, just attach to your camera, and your all set!

Happy Monday! 

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vmaureen said...

You can perfect your technique by making another one for me (my camera's blue) 8)

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Kami@KamiandN8dogg said...

I just might have to try that. :o)