Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Sappy Saturday...on Sunday!

Hello, and Happy Mother's Day!

We just got back from an amazing weekend with family. 

We played and partied all weekend long. 

It was awesome!

However, we are pretty exhausted. 

N8dogg is passed out on the couch as we speak, and I think I am right behind him. :o) 

I took my camera everywhere this weekend, and never took ONE PHOTO!


The only picture I took all weekend was with my phone.

N8dogg and I ate at Cluff's, and I had to snap a quick picture of my lunch for Happy Sappy Saturday! 

Seriously, this place is the best!

If you are ever in Fillmore it's a must. :o) 

Anyway, I have a ton of fun stuff to show you this week.


So, we will talk soon. :o) 

Happy Sunday! 

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