Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Smoke Detector Saga...

Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend? 

Mine was interesting...

I had to work Friday and Saturday night, and thankfully both nights were uneventful. However, Sunday was a different story... 

N8dogg and I were planning on going to Kanarraville to see the Eclipse, but he ended up having to work. We were really bummed, but got to spend the whole morning together, which was nice. :o)  

Anyway, after N8dogg left for work All. Hell. Broke. Loose!

It all started when my smoke detector started going off. First the one down stairs would beep a couple of times, and then the one up stairs would beep a couple of times. I checked it out, and the Carbon Monoxide light was flashing, but since we have had this issue in the past I just silenced it and went on my way. 

5 minutes later it did it again. I silenced it, checked them all again, and shrugged it off. 5 minutes later it did it again, and this little scenario continued for 20 very confusing minutes. 

I finally called N8dogg, and he told me to check everything out again, turn on the AC, open the windows, and then call him if it continued. So, I did everything he told me to do...and it still continued. 

I called N8dogg again, and he asked me if I was feeling light headed? No, I didn't think so. However, I had been working all night, and hadn't had any sleep so I felt tired and kind of run down, but was it more than normal? I didn't know?

So, after about a hour of this N8dogg said I needed to call the Washington City Non-Emergency number to see what they wanted me to do. So, I gave them a call, and told the dispatcher what had been going on for the the last hour and a half. She said she would send a Fire Truck.


A Fire Truck! 

Yep, at 6:30 PM a Fire Truck, and 3 Firefighters pulled up in front of my driveway.

Oh, and while all of this is going on all my neighbors are outside watching the Eclipse...in my front yard...because I had the best view.

Oh, and did I mention that my cats freaked out, and ran outside as soon as the first alarm started. Seriously, I thought they would never come back in. They watched all the excitement from the hill next to our house. I am pretty sure they are still mad at me.

Anyway, the Firefighters did their test, and sure enough no Carbon Monoxide. However, we did learn that our smoke detectors are faulty, and that I wasn't the first person in my neighborhood to call the Fire Department.

After 20 minutes the Firefighters determined that my house was safe, helped me reset my smoke detectors, and headed back to the Fire Station.

I reassured the neighbors that everything was okay, watched the remainder of the Eclipse, and wrangled the cats back into the house. Then, about an hour after things had settled down, both smoke detectors started going off again.

I literally cried, and finally ended up just disconnecting them.

What was supposed to be an awesome day with N8dogg turned into this nightmare. I was both physically and mentally exhausted, and decided that before I passed out I needed a pick me up.

So, I made these for dinner:

Because deep fried goodness makes everything better, but more on that later. :o)

Happy Tuesday!  

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Nicole said...

I hope that the firefighters were hotties to make up for the crappy situation :)

Odessa Hanton said...

False fire alarms due to faulty detectors happen sometimes, Kami. The important thing to remember is to have it fixed, as it can mean life and death at certain situations. It’s also important to regularly check if all parts are working accordingly to prevent sending false alarms to public safety officers. I’m glad you had yours reset at once by the firefighters.

Odessa Hanton