Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just (Be) Have More...FUN!


Sorry I have been MIA this week.

My work schedule has been kind of hectic, and has left little time for...well, anything.

However, I wanted to stop in today, and end the month with another JUST BE MORE... post.

(This is actually a JUST BE HAVE, but the same general idea still applies). :o)

Anyway, over the Summer I want this to be my focus:

Since Picnik is no more I have had to change my Just Be More...template. 

See, N8dogg and I don't really have much planned for this Summer. We have a couple of fun and exciting little things planned here and there, but nothing major. Plus, we both have a couple of not so fun things planned too.

So, I was starting to feel pretty sorry for myself about our NO Fun Bummer of a Summer when I started seeing a bunch of Summer Fun Charts and Calendars all over Blog Land, and had a thought...

What if I made a Summer Fun Chart for myself just as a reminder to have Fun this Summer?

So, that's exactly what I did!

I found these fun Mini Book templates over at Wild Olive...

And made some Fun Books!

Each book is only a week long (so I can fill them out as my schedule changes), and every day has something "Fun" to do on it.

Some days are a lot of Fun...

And some are just a little Fun...

But mostly every day is just a reminder to Have Fun!

Do you have anything Fun planned this Summer? 

I hope so! :o) 

Happy Thursday!  

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