Thursday, February 16, 2012

Am I too old to wear hair bows?


So, I just realized that this post is super late! 

Sorry, but "life" kind of happened...again...

Except this time it was the good kind of it's all good! :o)

Anyway, tonight I wanted to share my new favorite hair accessories with you all.

Cute, huh. 

Want to know where I got them?



See, it's been raining here, and the other day when I walked outside the bottoms of my feet got completely soaked. 

That's when I noticed this...

Yep, basically both shoes were falling apart. 

So, since I hate to just throw things away, I decided to cut the bows off and repurpose them. 

At first I just figured that I could glue them to some elastics or to a headband, but I soon realized that was not a possibility due to their vinyl like material.

So, instead I grabbed some hair clips...

And just slide them on.

Seriously, how simple is that, and the best part is that they are removable.

Today I put one on a headband.

Again, super simple, and I think it looked pretty cute too. :o)

So, what do you think? 

Am I too old to wear hair bows? :o) 

Happy (Late) Thursday! 

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