Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Be More...Happy!

 Good Morning!

Its resolution time again!


Resolution #2: Just Be More...

Ok, I know it's not a grammatically correct resolution, but we are going to pretend that's not important. :o)

What is important is being Happy!

Being happy is VERY important to me.

I think that being happy is an essential part of life, and I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I really believe that everyone is entitled to their happiness.

However, with that being said, I also think that being happy is a choice.
Ok, in the real world I know that being happy isn’t always an option. In some situations you just don’t have a choice, and even then if you do have a choice sometimes you are just going to be unhappy anyway.

However, that’s not what this resolution is about. This resolution is about choosing to be happy not only when it's an option, but just because you should.

See, I am a pretty happy person by nature, but sometimes I forget to be happy for what I have. I get caught up in other things, and before you know it I am an unhappy ornery mess. :o( 
This resolution is about those times. It’s about the times when I forget about how lucky I am, and about how happy I should be to just be me.

It’s about allowing the little things in life to make you happy.


 my new pair of coral sunglasses...

or the blue mason jar I found at the thrift store a couple of days ago...

or the fact that I get to spend time with an old friend this weekend...

None of these things are life altering, but they make me happy. :o)
So, I thought about how I could remind myself to Just Be More Happy, and I came up with an idea…

Every Saturday I am going to post a picture of something that makes me happy. I think I am going to call it Happy Sappy Saturday!

Why Sappy?  Because it make me Happy. :o)
So, look for my Happy Sappy Saturday post this Saturday and...

Happy Thursday!

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